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Lucia Diaz is leading the way in stellar customer service and providing a personalised touch to celebrating VIP customers.

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meet lucia diaz

Hi, I’m Sandra Diaz, founder of Lucia Diaz, LLC. I’m a fashion illustrator who works with visionary luxury brands to help them stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds and build vibrant, long-lasting relationships with beautiful, one-of-a-kind art.

My mission is to be a leader in the luxury, art, and fashion world as a confident Latina-owned, women owned business and bring Latinx representation to the forefront of classically underrepresented industries. Nothing fills me with more joy than to show people that they are seen, heard, and understood by their favorite brands through impactful art & illustration––which I believe holds power to move people and contributes to a greater cause

Founder, Artist, Proud Colombiana

Brands I’ve partnered up with

The Perfect Artist To Represent Your Luxury Brand?

There’s one thing you and I both know for sure: your audience loves the elegance and professionalism of your creations and appreciates the craftsmanship and dedication you put behind each piece your brand offers. Extend that up-leveled experience throughout more points of interaction with customers by adding an exceptional art experience to your repertoire.

What Makes Lucia Diaz

If you’re searching for:

Inclusive art & illustration for a diverse audience that makes them feel seen, heard, and understood

A reliable, experienced artist with top-knotch professionalism you can trust to represent your luxury brand

A deeper, more profound connection with your audience that builds trust and community in a meaningful way

An elegant customer experience that blows your customers away and increases your brand loyalty

Then I’ve Got Your Back!

Trust Me To Deliver An Elevated Live Art Experience A Cut Above The Rest…

I have since partnered with countless luxury brands including Carolina Herrera and Estée Lauder to deliver custom illustrations and host live sketching events and built my own eCommerce brand that celebrates Latina women through empowering illustration and stationery.

…From someone who understands the power of quality, intention, and a personal touch. From my expansive 12-year career to my decade-plus-long side hustle, I’ve made experience + service the bedrock of my brand.

All while inspiring the next generation of aspiring artists and giving back to my community.

Art has also been a part of my story, but with a little tough love nudge from a worldwide pandemic and the support of my community, I went from Art Director for Amazon Prime Video Mexico to CEO of my own powerhouse art & illustration agency. From launching successful live activation events with luxury brands like Chanel to becoming an artist-in-residence of Saks Fifth Avenue, I have taken everything I’ve learned in my 12 years of illustration and design experience working with leading brands––and applied it to delivering impactful results for my clients.

The Customer Service Obsession Is Real!

My business is built on integrity and strengthening relationships. I give back to our community and pave the way for younger artists to follow in my footsteps. How do I stay dedicated to my mission?

Everything I do aligns with my values:

Create meaningful work that represents the Latinx community.

Graciously give back to the community.

Treat everyone with respect and compassion by delivering the most incredible customer service–as if they were familia.

Be a lifelong learner and believe in investing in education.

Pass on knowledge to future illustrators and encourage them to pursue their creative careers.

Know that we can go further through collaboration and uplifting other Latina owned businesses.

Non-Profits I Support

My community uplifts me up–so I turn around and give back. I regularly donate to my favorite organisations